50 Pictures Of Things Xennials And Gen X'ers Haven't Thought About In 30 Years, But That Will Immediately Transport Them Back To Their Elementary School Days On Sight

    Put on your Reebok Club Cs, pack a snack into your favorite cartoon lunchbox, and get ready for a trip back down memory lane.

    1. Sitting in one of these not-so-comfortable classics (which were even worse if you had long hair and had strands of it get stuck in the fasteners):

    Different colored chairs

    2. If you took the school bus, then going to school in a bus that looked like it had the engine of a semi truck and that spewed out huge clouds of black smoke from the exhaust:

    Kids getting on the school bus

    3. Keeping your homework and papers organized in your awesome (and essential) Trapper Keeper:

    A Trapper Keeper

    4. And making sure that you had cool portfolio folders to put inside your Trapper Keeper:

    Folders on a table

    5. Also, thinking it was awesome that there were all sorts of useful charts inside your portfolio folders, and then, forgetting they were even there and never using them:

    A folder with graphs inside

    6. Knowing that the fluorescent color Crayola Crayons were unmatched:

    Fluorescent crayons

    7. Not being able to resist sniffing your Mr. Sketch markers whenever you used them. And also, having to be careful pulling them in and out of the box because the Styrofoam container they came in would start falling apart easily:

    Mr. Sketch scented markers

    8. Getting excited to start a new Beverly Cleary book — especially because Norman Rockwell-looking illustrated covers really sold them to you:

    Beverly Cleary books

    9. Having to put your chair upside down on your desk every day when class ended:

    Chairs upside down on tables

    10. Your teacher using an array of pull down maps when teaching geography:

    A map

    11. And learning about the USSR, but having no idea what it was other than it was another name for Russia:

    The USSR on a map

    12. Getting the perfect sharpened pencil from one of these and distracting the entire class with the chainsaw noise it made in the process:

    A pencil in a pencil sharpener

    13. Or, if your classroom had an electric pencil sharpener (which was usually on the teacher's desk), being amazed at how it perfectly sharpened your pencil in 0.2 seconds:

    An electronic pencil sharpener

    14. The occasional chalk screech sound your teacher would make when she pressed too hard on the chalk while writing on the chalk board:

    A teacher in front of a chalk board

    15. Being scared you were going to smear the ink on the transparency sheet if you were called on to write something on the overhead projector:

    An overhead projector

    16. Having your classroom be decorated in cursive writing bulletin board sets (which did come in handy to look at for a reference when you had to write in cursive):

    Cursive writing on borders

    17. Classrooms and the library being decorated with cool-ass "Read" posters:

    Yoda on a "Read" poster

    18. Playing during recess and lunch on metal jungle gyms that were probably a lot more dangerous than you realized:

    Kids playing in the park

    19. Carrying your lunch in your cartoon lunchbox that always, for some reason, smelled like warm sandwiches and plastic:

    A Smurfs lunchbox

    20. And also bringing a Hostess treat for dessert:

    elementary school student in the 1980s:

    Twitter: @pbump

    21. Hating the terrible powder soap they used in the restrooms:

    Someone using a soap dispenser

    22. Remembering to just say "NO":

    23. Wanting to go through the D.A.R.E. program just for the T-shirt:

    A D.A.R.E. T-shirt

    24. Taking your annual hearing test with these rubbery plastic headphones:

    A pair of headphones

    25. Chewing disclosing tablets so that you could see how good a job you were doing at brushing your teeth:

    26. Reading a bunch of books to get your free Pizza Hut pizza:

    A Book It! pin

    27. The feeling of pure joy you got whenever you got a gold star on an assignment:

    Gold star stickers

    28. And the even bigger feeling of joy you got from getting a scratch 'n' sniff sticker for answering a question right in class:

    Scatch 'n' sniff stickers

    29. The absolute struggle it was to use the school-provided scissors — which really just ended up hurting your hand:

    A pair of scissors

    30. Having to fight the urge to not use your wooden ruler as a sword during class:

    A wooden ruler

    31. Owning cool erasers that basically were useless because they couldn't erase anything and instead would just smear everything:

    Themed erasers

    32. Putting pencil toppers on your pencil and then having trouble writing with them because of the weight distribution:

    Pencils with pencil toppers

    33. Learning how to multiply on a math keyboard:

    34. Getting to use a TI-108 calculator, which was fun just to play with on its own:

    A TI-108 calculator

    35. Feeling super special whenever you earned a much coveted Weepul:

    A Weepul with a gold crown

    36. Playing The Oregon Trail during computer lab time...

    The Oregon Trail

    ...and then having to make the tough choice of who to play...

    The menu on "The Oregon Trail"

    ...before eventually dying of dysentery:

    "You have died of dysentery."

    37. Remembering to NEVER touch the middle of a floppy disk:

    A floppy disk

    38. Getting super excited whenever your teacher put on Reading Rainbow:

    39. Or when you got to learn how to paint trees and mountains:

    Bob Ross painting

    40. The excitement you felt each month when your teacher passed out Troll and Scholastic book order forms:

    Who Remembers Ordering From Scholastic? #Scholastic #Books #Book #Reading #Childhood #Memories

    Twitter: @80sthen80snow

    And immediately circling every book and poster on the form.

    41. Having a whole bunch of random bookmarks that you got with your Scholastic orders:

    A pile of bookmarks

    42. And some random Garfield bookmark that you didn't even know how you got:

    Garfield bookmarks

    43. The stress you felt as you carefully tore the sides off dot matrix paper:

    Dot matrix paper dispensing

    44. Walking around to the Ghostbusters theme song and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" during your Halloween parade:

    A bunch of kids wearing costumes

    45. Bringing plastic strawberry baskets from home (that you were asked to save and bring in) so that you could do craft projects with it — like Easter baskets:

    Plastic baskets stacked on top of each other

    46. Checking out a book at the school library and immediately checking to see all the names of the kids who checked it out before you:

    Library card with dates of who checked it out

    47. Looking through very old copies of Dynamite magazine that the school library kept in its "magazine section":

    Dynamite magazine

    48. Bringing one of these bad boys with you on hot days:

    A super squeezer cup

    49. Trading Garbage Pail Kids cards during recess and lunch:

    A pile of Garbage Pail Kids cards

    50. And lastly, getting burned with the seatbelt on hot days when your parents came to pick you up after school.

    An older GM seatbelt