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    29 Things That Will Make You Say "Damn, Girl, I Can't Believe We Used To Do That!"

    The past was so...difficult and inconvenient.

    1. You probably forgot how hard it was to take a selfie with a phone and how heavily pixelated and pointless the picture was anyway.


    2. When you had to go to the music store and listen to new releases on the kiosks before deciding whether to buy them or not...

    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    3. ...or just deciding to download it illegally, but then you had to figure out which songs were *real* and which ones were fake.

    4. Freaking the fuck out if you accidentally hit the internet button on your phone 'cause you knew each minute you were online was going to cost like $95!

    5. Having to carry both your cell phone and your iPod around...

    6. ...and, if you were that friend, making sure you had your digital camera charged up and space on your memory card along for the ride as well.

    7. Speaking of memory cards, if you had a PlayStation 2, you surely had a memory card and you had to make sure you didn't misplace or lose that little shit.

    8. Calling 411 to get a phone number — which cost like 50 cents any time you did it.


    9. When you used to read album booklets to find out the correct lyrics to a song because you couldn't just google that shit.

    Sony Music

    10. Having to clean the gunk, dust, and hair inside your mouse.

    11. Pushing three to four buttons in order to pull up the character you wanted in T9 texting...


    12. ...and having both a character text limit (160) and also limited texting (anything over your plan cost you extra PER text).

    Joel Saget / AFP / Getty Images

    13. Watching the latest movies by buying bootleg DVDs from very sketchy places.

    Dimas Ardian / Getty Images

    14. When you were vaguely jealous of people who had these phones because they chirped.

    15. Having to go through your recycle bin to get the newspaper so you could see what was on TV that night.

    16. Filling out one of these envelopes in order to get your film developed...

    17. ...and paying extra to get a picture CD made at the store so that you could upload your photos to your computer.


    18. Backing up your MP3s and photos onto CDs in order to save storage space on your computer.

    19. Decorating your room with ripped-out magazine pages.

    Decorating my room with ripped out magazine pages because that's how bored I am

    20. Learning new ways to elaborately fold notes.

    21. When the worst thing that could happen at lunch was punching a hole through your Capri Sun.

    22. When you put protective plastic covers on your Beanie Baby tags because you thought they would be "worth something" someday (lol).

    23. When you had to use these circular stickers to fix a broken hole from a piece of loose-leaf paper so it wouldn't fall out of your binder.

    24. Having to sell this chocolate for a fundraiser.

    25. Closely monitoring your caller ID on one of these.

    26. When you would use the wall pencil sharpener and then this happened and you'd have to sharpen away half of the pencil to get it back to normal.

    27. When this was a "flatscreen TV" and it weighed like 200 pounds and had a huge backside so when you had to move it it was basically hell.

    28. When this was how you used calculators.

    29. And lastly, this is random but I just want you to reflect on this little fact for a second.