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    59 Things That’ll Make Any Early-'90s Kid Relive Their Childhood

    Put on your Reebok Pumps and get ready to take a big trip down memory lane.

    1. Watching The Simpsons behind your parents’ back because it was "not a show for children."

    Fox Television

    2. And being super jealous of that ONE kid in class who had a Bart Simpson T-shirt.

    COUNTYMORGUE / Etsy / Via

    3. Arguing with your friends or siblings over which Home Alone movie was better.

    20th Century Fox
    20th Century Fox

    4. Totally missing over half of the clever pop culture references that were hidden in Tiny Toon Adventures.

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    5. Getting super pumped whenever you heard the intro to Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

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    6. Saying "Don't push me, push a Push Pop!" whenever you had a Push Pop.

    Picquery / Via**HuveuGpNW68eZZ5PTUqRCI9vwSOwpwY/

    7. Feeling super excited whenever you found one of these sugary deliciousness in your lunchbox:

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    8. Wondering what was so naughty and controversial about Madonna's Sex book.

    Today In Madonna History / Via

    9. Hearing about that SCENE in Basic Instinct, and being shocked and curious about it.

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    10. Actually being excited about Mondays 'cause it was when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired.


    11. Having your parents make it an event when you went to see these CLASSIC Disney movies in theaters:


    12. Watching Regis and Kathie Lee

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    13. ...The Price Is Right with Bob Barker...

    CBS Televisin

    14. ...and Sally Jessy Raphael whenever you stayed home sick from school. Although, you probably shouldn't have been watching Sally.

    Ron Galella / WireImage

    15. Listening to The Bodyguard soundtrack over and over whenever you went anywhere with your mom in the car.

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    16. Playing this game with your friends any time you went to the arcade:

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    17. Thinking this ad campaign was a little race-y:


    18. And thinking "Let's Talk About Sex" was the most risqué song ever.


    19. Going through a very low-key goth phase 'cause of Wednesday Addams.


    20. Getting a slap bracelet and immediately turning it into a weapon.

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    21. Trying to figure out what the hell Parker Lewis Can't Lose was supposed to be about.

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    22. Having to carry around lots of extra batteries any time you took this bad boy with you on trips:

    Evan-Amos / Wikipedia / Via

    23. Watching Beakman's World and not realizing how much science you were actually learning.

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    24. Wearing lots of questionable ~tribal~ prints.

    The Else / Via

    25. Understanding how important choosing the right fanny pack was.

    Blim / Etsy / Via

    26. Being mesmerized by the face-morphing scene in Michael Jackson's "Black or White" music video.

    Sony Music
    Sony Music

    27. Being very tempted to cut Totally Hair Barbie's hair.

    Mattel / Via

    28. Thinking these were the coolest sunglasses ever:

    Pizza Hut/

    29. Throwing one of these into the cart any time you went to the grocery store with your parents:

    30. Accessorizing your look with an all-too-important peace sign necklace.

    Cheri Trendy / Via

    31. Hurting yourself while playing with your mom's Thighmaster.

    thisbmikev / Reddit / Via

    32. Wanting to go to a summer camp as awesome as Camp Anawanna.

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    33. Wanting to be BFFs with Clarissa Darling.

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    34. Enjoying these delectable treats as an afternoon snack:

    The Surfing Pizza / Via

    35. Thinking that you could totally beat this show, and then playing along at home and getting most of the questions wrong:


    36. Feeling bummed when your Hypercolor T-shirt stopped changing colors after too many washes.

    Orsons Retro / Blogspot / Via

    37. Waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch Saved by the Bell...


    38. ...and California Dreams.


    39. Thinking there was NO cooler store to shop at other than the Gap.

    Bernard Annebicque / Getty Images

    40. And thinking there was NO cooler couple than Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp.

    Barry King / WireImage

    41. Being shocked and, also, really confused when you heard the urban legend about NKOTB's Jordan Knight having to get his stomach pumped.

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    42. Wanting Cross Colours clothing because it all came in bright primary colors.

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    43. Watching all the drama on Beverly Hills, 90210 and believing that's what teen life was like.

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    44. Trying to cram as much Bubble Tape as you could in your mouth.

    vhsveronica / YouTube / Via

    45. Watching TGIF meant Family Matters, Step by Step, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper...


    46. ...and the brilliantly subversive Dinosaurs.


    47. Owning lots of Urkel merchandise, 'cause you thought he was the most hilarious TV character ever.

    48. Begging for a pair of rollerblades and then being too scared to actually use them.

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    49. Never actually being able to peel these off correctly:

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    50. Having your mind-blown the first time you played Super Nintendo:

    Evan-Amos / Wikipedia / Via

    51. Being emotionally scarred by this scene:

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    52. Being in absolute AWE over this entire film:

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    53. Convincing yourself that Pop Qwiz came in different flavors.

    Courtesy of General Mills

    54. Wanting the "Sports" model of a Sony Walkman.

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    55. Wishing you could hangout with Bobby for a day.

    90s Kid / Via

    56. Having one of these water bottles — that you'd stick in the freezer on hot days:

    Mercado Libre México / Via

    57. Enjoying this cereal that tasted like cookies:

    Courtesy of General Mills

    58. Reading Calvin and Hobbes books over and over.

    Andrews McMeel Publishing
    Andrews McMeel Publishing

    59. And finally, feeling like everything was good in the world whenever you heard this song:

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