50 Things That'll Make '90s Kids Say, "Oh, I Completely Forgot About That"

    Just a bunch of mems that are buried deep down.

    1. These Disney read-along tapes and books, that basically sliced your hand open when you tried to get them out of the packaging:

    2. Life Savers Holes that were essentially candy Tic Tacs:

    3. The Natural Wonders store — which was always one of your first stops whenever you went to the mall:

    4. Magic the Old Navy dog:

    5. The way too short-lived cartoon, Freakazoid!:

    6. Marvin's Magic Drawing Board and the commercials for it that played non-stop on Nick:

    7. These plastic snake things:

    8. TGIF's Aliens in the Family...

    9. ...and Teen Angel that were really WTF TV. (Honestly, who greenlit a show about a dead teenager who becomes the guardian angel of his BFF?!)

    10. Alex Mack books:

    11. VR Troopers and its catchy as hell theme song:

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    12. The creepy AF Puttermans from the Duracell commercials:

    13. AA Duracell batteries that you would (painfully) squeeze to see how much life was still in them:

    14. Wilson from Home Improvement:

    15. These chairs your parents had from the '80s, that were only comfortable for like 2 minutes:

    16. The THX logo that would play before some movies. (And that you can still hear in your head!):

    17. The Chevron Cars who loved to spill the tea about their owners:

    18. The Burger King Kids Club (I'm still not exactly sure what you got for being a member):

    19. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist which was always playing in the afternoon on Comedy Central:

    20. These old-school Halloween decorations that your elementary school teacher would use to decorate the classroom with:

    21. Thirteen Dead End Drive, which was more fun to set up than actually play:

    22. Zany Brainy, where you played with a bunch of toys your parents never ended up buying you:

    23. Saved by the Bell: The New Class...

    24. ...and Hang Time — which were the two shows that ended the Saturday morning lineup before golf came on:

    25. These Disney Store bags (which you actually saved and reused):

    26. This SNES TV adaptor that came with a coax cable that you had to carefully twist into place:

    27. Straining your eyes to read the lyrics printed on cassette tape liner notes:

    28. The Budweiser Frogs:

    29. Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections books (which were mind-blowing, not going to lie):

    30. DK Eyewitness Books (that were also mind-blowing):

    31. These chairs that were always staticky:

    32. TopsyTail and the commercials for it that played non-stop:

    33. Vac-Man that, yes, did have a limit to which you could actually stretch him:

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    34. The Simpsons' Rainy Day Fun Book, which was actually fun:

    35. Yoyo Ball, which was basically a cheaters way of playing yo-yo:

    36. Herbal Essences ads that featured NSYNC:

    37. Chicken Tonight's oh-so-catchy jingle:

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    38. These old-school electric pencil sharpeners that your teachers kept on their desk:

    39. This Kermit the Frog poster:

    40. Amby and Dexter which aired on Nick Jr.:

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    41. Tony Little's Abs Only Workout video that your parents had, but never really used:

    42. Michigan J. Frog as the mascot for The WB:

    43. Jimmy Ray, whose "Are You Jimmy Ray?" video actually got played a lot for a minute on MTV:

    44. McDonald's gift certificates, which were always a default gift you got from a relative you didn't know very well:

    45. These McD chairs that were always sticky and wobbly:

    46. Sound Bites lollipops, which low-key just hurt your teeth when turned on:

    47. Squiggle Wiggle pens:

    48. The Kids Travel book that saved your sanity on low car rides:

    49. This Tupperware that was always at your grandma's house:

    50. And finally, the Blockbuster drop box that your parents rushed to before midnight to avoid late charges: