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48 Pictures That'll Make Any Guy Who Was A Teen In The Early '00s Say, "I See No Lies"

It was simple time, when all you needed in life was Maxim magazine and the Chappelle's Show.

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1. Bathing yourself with Bod Man spray that left you, interesting:

2. Owning this one The Strokes T-shirt or at least having a friend who did:

3. Decorating your bedroom walls with cutouts from FHM and Maxim...

FHM/ Maxim

4. ...Rolling Stone magazine covers...

5. ...and, of course, THIS poster:

6. Having a sweater or two with the A&F logo on it:

Tim Boyle / Getty Images

7. Finding a way to work Napoleon Dynamite and Anchorman quotes into your conversation, 'cause you thought you were so funny:

8. When it came to sneakers it was all about three words: CHUNKY SKATER SHOES:

9. And when it came to ~dress shoes~ it had to be a leather-sneaker hybrid:

10. Saying "This is where the magic happens!" (even though there was no magic going on) every time your friends came into your bedroom:


11. Watching The Fast and the Furious over and over:


12. Being excited whenever MTV debuted a new season of The Challenge 'cause you actually knew everyone on the show:

13. Being bored and passing the time by rating people on Hot or Not:

14. Wearing puka shell necklaces and shirts open with your tank underneath exposed:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

15. Also, wearing shirts with all sorts of stripes that basically looked like 1960's wallpaper

Getty Images

16. Thinking Dane Cook was the funniest comedian around:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

17. NEVER missing an episode of Chappelle's Show...


18. ...Southpark...


19. ...and Crank Yankers (even if you had TiVo, you had to watch them live):


20. Asking your parents to buy you Ben Sherman button-ups...

21. ...and Penguin polos ('cause you thought they were fancy):

22. Owning a pair of these exact baggy camo cargo shorts:

23. Coming home from school and waiting patiently to see when your crush or BFF would log onto AIM:

24. Using the word "metrosexual" to describe things, but having ZERO clue what it really meant:

New York Times

25. Having J.Lo as your ultimate dream woman (probably still, TBH):

Scott Gries / Getty Images

26. Accessorizing your look with leather cuffs (that left your wrists all sweaty)...

27. ...big-ass Fossil watches...

28. ...and of course, Livestrong bracelets:

29. Creating a faux-hawk or spiky hair look with Göt2b Spiking Glue:

30. Spending hours and hours playing Grand Theft Auto:


31. Picking up state T-shirts with sexual innuendos from Urban Outfitters:

32. Going to Tilly's to stock up on chunky skater shoes and Dickies:

33. Hitting the dance floor at school dances every time the DJ played Missy Elliott's "Work It"...


34. ...Outkast's "Hey Ya!"...

Sony Music

35. ...or Usher's "Yeah!":

36. Having one friend who owned a Girls Gone Wild DVD that they stole from their older brother:

37. Staying up late to watch the ~programing on Cinemax~ (aka Skinamax):


38. Buying argyle sweaters 'cause you saw Kanye wearing them:

39. Owning distressed boot-cut jeans in a bunch of weird washers:

40. Holding up your distressed boot-cut jeans with either a white or studded belt:

41. Owning a trucker cap or five:

42. Asking over and over for your parents to get you a cell phone — in particular a flip-phone:

43. And, of course, begging them for an iPod, even though you knew it was a long shot since it cost $$$:

Getty Images

44. Stocking up on And1 T-shirts and basketball shorts — even if you didn't play basketball:

45. Thinking both Jackass...


46. ...and Kenny vs. Spenny were genius TV shows:

Kenny Hotz/

47. Wearing layered polos with popped collars and thinking you were HOT SHIT:

48. And, finally, using LimeWire download basically every song EVER and porn — which you hid within seven files and titled it "school work":

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