37 Things That'll Make Late '90s Kids Say, "This Is How I Remember Christmastime!"

    It was a simple time, back when all you wanted was a Furby, Beanie Babies, and Old Navy Performance Fleece.

    1. Being excited whenever the Toys 'R' Us holiday catalog finally came in the newspaper. And immediately circling all the toys you wanted in it, 'cause you secretly hoped your parents would see it and buy you EVERYTHING.

    2. Flipping directly to the toy sections in the Sears Wish Book and JC Penny holiday catalog, so that you could circle all the toys you wanted (also in hopes that your parents would see and secretly buy you them all).

    3. Being pretty terrified of the Beauty and the Beast Christmas movie 'cause that pipe organ was creepy AF.

    4. Trying to collect as many holiday Beanie Babies as you could.

    5. Getting into the holiday spirit by watching these classics over and over:

    6. And, of course, arguing with your friends over which one of these holiday classics was the better one:

    7. Being excited whenever the Gap's kick-ass holiday commercials came on:

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    8. And really wanting Old Navy's performance fleece for Christmas — because the commercials made it sound like YOU NEEDED ONE.

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    9. Seeing one of these ceramic Christmas tree lamps any time you went to your grandma's. And knowing not to touch it 'cause they were HOT!

    10. Getting giddy when TGIF would air its holiday episodes.

    11. Begging for a Furby for Christmas.

    12. Begging for a Tamagotchi for Christmas, but, instead, getting a knock-off one.

    13. Feeling like you were a chef whenever you made oh-so-yummy slice and bake cookies.

    14. Having to help your parents untangle these old-school Christmas lights:

    15. Thinking it was so cool that Penny Marshall and Rosie O'Donnell got to hangout in a giant room surrounded by toys in the K-Mart commercials (and being a little jealous of that).

    16. Totally thinking the Coca-Cola Polar Bears were adorable AF.

    17. Not being able to look at Hershey's Christmas Kisses without hearing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas":

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    18. Thinking Olive, the Other Reindeer was the coolest and cutest Christmas book ever written.

    19. Making your parents take you to these stores so that you see if there were some things you forgot to ask for:

    20. Begging your parents to take you to Toys 'R' Us (so that you could see what toys you wanted to add to your Christmas list)...

    21. ...and sorta regretting it 'cause the crowds were always INSANE.

    22. Thinking this tasted totally different than the regular versions, but really they just tasted the same.

    23. Being able to recite this commercial by ha-ha-heart:

    24. Low-key thinking the characters in The Online Adventures of Ozzie the Elf were terrifying looking.

    25. Watching random-ass old cartoon Christmas specials on Cartoon Network.

    26. Getting into a festive mood by singing along to this video:

    27. Begging your parents (or Santa) for your own TV/VCR combo, because you thought it was baller.

    28. Watching this movie over and over if your older sibling (or maybe you) had a crush on JTT:

    29. Knowing that Kids' WB could always deliver a satirical view on the holidays:

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    30. Feeling uber-cool if your parents allowed you to email your Christmas list to Santa.

    31. Begging your parents to buy you a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament that you could add to the tree.

    32. Finding a Life Savers book from Santa in your stocking.

    33. Getting excited whenever a relative gave you Geoffrey Bucks.

    34. Being disappointed whenever a relative got you gift certificates to places you couldn't get toys at.

    35. Getting pissed if you had to share your N64 or Playstation present with your siblings.

    36. Listening to these albums over and over:

    37. And finally, of course, listening to this CLASSIC on repeat for the entire holiday season:

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