35 More "Facts" Everyone Only People Between The Ages Of 26 And 34 Know

    "Yup, I see no lies!" —millennials

    1. How even though there are a million pizza brands, Bagel Bites still taste the best:

    2. How Next is the greatest dating show of all time:

    3. How even though these sexual innuendo T-shirts are immature you still find them funny:

    4. How 101 Dalmatians is still Disney's best live-action remake:

    5. How Snapple's Elements were the best flavored Snapples and it's crazy that they're not around anymore:

    6. How this is still one of the greatest moments in VMAs history:

    7. How there is NO GREATER boy band song than Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way":

    8. How Mariah Carey's episode of MTV Cribs needs to be preserved in the Library of Congress:

    9. How it's been 18 years since "Lady Marmalade" came out and we still haven't had a collab that can touch the greatness that that was:

    10. How everyone in this age range can recite this commercial by heart:

    11. How there has never been a more terrifying literary trilogy than Scary Stories:

    12. How this phone still looks so sleek and futuristic all these years later:

    13. How Mulan is the BEST and most BADASS Disney Princess:

    14. How Hercules is an underrated masterpiece:

    15. How you're still low-key holding onto grudges caused by Top 8 drama:

    16. How Art Stuff is still the best product line Bath & Body Works has ever released:

    17. How whether or not you were in love at the time, you TOTALLY felt the lyrics deep-down to JoJo's "Leave (Get Out)":

    18. How Powerline's "I 2 I" from A Goofy Movie is infinitely better than "Let It Go":

    19. The Notebook > Titanic (that's all):

    20. How everyone in this age group knows the all the words to Blink-182's "All the Small Things":

    21. How The Proud Family is a TV show that ACTUALLY deserves a reboot:

    22. How there is not a more horrifying experience than being awoken in the middle of the night by a talking Furby:

    23. How this was the best chocolate candy ever put out:

    24. How this is video still causes you nightmares:

    25. How "Dilemma" is this generation's "Summer Nights":

    26. How "Pizza Delivery" is the greatest episode of SpongeBob SquarePants:

    27. How there was no better thing than seeing this intro:

    28. How it was a true triumph whenever you found a non-corrupted and good quality MP3 of a song you wanted:

    29. How hot pink everything still feels like THE LOOK:

    30. How all of today's superheroes wish they could slay like this legend:

    31. How there is no better ice cream than these:

    32. How the Six Flags "Old Man" was both super annoying AF and also super nightmare-inducing:

    33. How you can't order an omelette without thinking of this classic TV scene:

    34. How you can't watch a Disney movie without thinking you're going to see and hear the Disney FastPlay intro:

    35. And finally, how "Pop, Lock & Drop It" is the cause of your bad knees today:

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