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35 Awesome Toys Every ’80s Kid Wanted For Christmas

Let's be honest, you probably still want that Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker.

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3. Play tents

Why you totally wanted it: 'Cause it was your own badass fort that you could easily put together, plus you could play with it indoors to, whenever the weather was bad outside.


5. Colorforms

Why you totally wanted this: Not only were there endless versions of them, but they actually looked exactly like the cartoon characters they were supposed to be. Plus, the smell was so addictive.

6. Garfield Stuffed Animals


Why you totally wanted this: It's easy to forget, but Garfield was actually really cool in the '80s. Not only did he have his comic, but he also had a series of specials and his own Saturday morning cartoon, Garfield & Friends. Plus, you probably saw the Garfield stuffed animal suction cup window cling hanging inside someone's car anytime you went anywhere.

7. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Why you totally wanted this: It was THE medical kit to have if you wanted to play doctor.


9. Care Bears


Why you totally wanted this: Care Bears were one of those toys that it seemed you just NEEDED to have as part of your stuffed animal collection, whether you were a fan of the series or not.

12. Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Why you totally wanted this: 'Cause they were what all the ~cool~ kids in school had, even if they were more than a little horrifying. Also, the cards were stickers...STICKERS.


13. Little Tikes Kitchen Sets

Why you totally wanted this: Aside from the fact that they allowed you to play "grown-ups," it also actually sort of resembled what real '80s kitchens looked like color-scheme wise.

15. Makit & Bakit Oven


Why you totally wanted this: Because it allowed you to make oh-so-pretty and delicate-looking plastic jewelry and trinkets that you imagined would make all your friends jealous whenever you wore them.


17. View-Master


Why you totally wanted this: Somehow you always managed to lose a pair of these throughout the year — usually left behind at at your grandma's or on some random road-trip location — so asking for another one at Christmas was a necessity.

18. Peaches 'n Cream Barbie


Why you wanted this: Sure, there were tons of other Barbies produced in the '80s, but none of them hold a candle to Peaches 'n Cream. She was not only pretty and glamorous, but smelled so heavenly.


21. He-Man and She-Ra Action Figures

Why you totally wanted this: 'Cause these toy lines were the shit! You could have some pretty epic battles thanks to all the different figures, weapons, and play sets, the line made.

23. Smurf Figures

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Why you totally wanted this: There were endless amount of figures to collect, plus they were miniature, which meant you could slip a few in your pocket to play with when you were out somewhere with your parents.


25. ThunderCats Figures

Why you totally wanted this: Three words: LIGHT-UP EYES. Plus, they also had "battle-matic" action, which allowed them to swing their swords with the push of a button.

27. Transformers

Why you totally wanted this: THEY WERE TRANSFORMING ROBOTS!!! What's not to love?


32. Jem and the Holograms Dolls


Why you totally wanted this: Well, if you couldn’t actually BE Jem, at least you could pretend to be her through this doll. PLUS, she came with the a cassette tape with songs from the TV show — perfect for you to sing along to!


34. Big Poppa Popcorn Maker


Why you totally wanted this: OK, OK, so this is not a toy. But be honest — you wanted one badly to make movie nights even better (luxe, really). And you were probably jealous of your friend whose family owned one.

35. Nintendo


Why you totally wanted this: In the '80s, this was the gold standard when it came to gifts you could get for Christmas! The only downside was you did actually have to share it with your brothers and/or sisters. 😡