35 Awesome Toys Every '80s Girl Wanted For Christmas

Let's be honest, you still want that Glitter N' Gold Jem doll.

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1. Girl Talk Date Line Board Game

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Why you totally wanted this: You were pretty sure your crush's parents were starting to suspect you were behind all the hang-ups. Plus, you totally got to gawk at the guys on the cards.

3. Barbie and the Rockers

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Why you totally wanted this: Barbie all of sudden became cool once she rebranded herself and started competing directly with Jem. Also, like Barbie, you too were born with a "mic in your hand."

4. Colorforms

Why you totally wanted this: Mainly because they looked directly like the cartoons they were based on. Also, it had that addictive plasticky smell. Unfortunately these only really provided about 20 minutes of fun, since all you could do with them was stick the vinyl stickers on a board.

11. Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

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Why you totally wanted this: These dolls were the ultimate '80s toy and every kid wanted one. Plus, you could frame the birth certificate and send out announcements.

14. Glitter Batons

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Why you totally wanted this: 'Cause these allowed you to be a pretend cheerleader or princess and were fun to twirl around on their own. But really the best part was turning it over and over to watch the air bubble rise to the top and all the glitter fall to the bottom.

18. Barbie Corvette

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Why you totally wanted this: The '80s were all about excess, and nothing reflected that better than this silver Corvette (also it was a welcome relief from all that pink!).

19. Charm Necklaces

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Why you totally wanted this: Because they were literally the greatest thing ever. You probably had way more than could fit on a single chain, but never enough.

Plus, these were made extra special when you got a charm from a loved one or BFF.

22. Barbie Dream House

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Why you totally wanted this: This was the ultimate Barbie play set, and let's be honest, you knew that owning this would give you bragging rights among your friends.

26. Big Wheels

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Why you totally wanted this: So you could cruise around your yard or neighborhood in style.

27. The Heart Family

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Why you totally wanted this: Sometimes you needed a break from Barbie's all-too-busy fabulous life, and her friends, The Heart Family, provided a perfect suburban family alternative.

34. Jem and the Holograms Dolls

Why you totally wanted this: Well, if you couldn't actually BE Jem, at least you could style the doll in that insanely fierce metallic wrap dress and the greatest belt of all time. Young contrarians snatched up Jetta instead.