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32 Reasons Why Christmas Was Better In The '90s

Because you know it isn't Christmastime unless you've watched The Santa Clause.

1. Because there was nothing better than celebrating Christmas with the Tanners.

2. Except, maybe, Christmas with the Matthews and Mr. Feeny.

3. Because, admit it, you sang along to this video:

4. Because you knew Christmas was just another excuse for boy bands to dress up in silly coordinated outfits...

5. ...or Santa costumes...

6. ...and Justin still hadn't stuck his dick in a box.

7. Even girl groups couldn't resist the lure of a Santa costume...

8. ...or teen pop stars.

9. Because nothing made you feel naughtier than the Christmas issue of A&F Quarterly.

10. Because you couldn't look at Hershey's Christmas Kisses without hearing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas":

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11. Because Kevin McAllister showed you what the ultimate Christmas present was.

12. Because there was no bigger joy then picking out overpriced toys and knick-knacks from the Warner Bros. Collection catalog — even if you knew you probably weren't going to receive anything from it.

13. Because you could (and still can) recite this commercial by ha-ha-heart:

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"Ho-ho-ho, I'm hu-hu-hungry."

14. Because nothing was more delicious than green and red cereal (aka colored SUGAR).

15. Because you played this album nonstop...

16. ...and these as well:

17. Because you could count on the Kids' WB to deliver a satirical view on the holiday...

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18. Because you got to watch these classic movies over and over...

19. ...and watch these not so classic movies over and over.

20. Because even cool "teens" got into the holiday spirit.

21. Because Nickelodeon had the best holiday-themed episodes.

22. Because there were these awesome stores to get gifts from:

23. Because Magic really sold you on Old Navy's performance fleece.

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24. Because even cool groups released Christmas music.

25. Because even Beanie Babies came in holiday editions.

26. Because it was the one time of year they released puppets at fast-food restaurants.

27. Because you got to learn the "true meaning" of Christmas from these guys:

28. Because Olive proved she was a superior reindeer.

29. Because Gap still knew how to make kick-ass holiday ads.

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30. Because you looked forward each year to what awesome Christmas-themed Happy Meal toy McDonald's would release.

31. Because your favorite teen heartthrob was there to get you into the holiday spirit.

32. And lastly, and most importantly, because the '90s gave birth to the greatest Christmas song of all time:

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