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32 Reasons Why Christmas Was Better In The '90s

Because you know it isn't Christmastime unless you've watched The Santa Clause.

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10. Because you couldn't look at Hershey's Christmas Kisses without hearing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas":

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12. Because there was no bigger joy then picking out overpriced toys and knick-knacks from the Warner Bros. Collection catalog — even if you knew you probably weren't going to receive anything from it.

13. Because you could (and still can) recite this commercial by ha-ha-heart:

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"Ho-ho-ho, I'm hu-hu-hungry."

17. Because you could count on the Kids' WB to deliver a satirical view on the holiday...

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23. Because Magic really sold you on Old Navy's performance fleece.

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29. Because Gap still knew how to make kick-ass holiday ads.

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32. And lastly, and most importantly, because the '90s gave birth to the greatest Christmas song of all time:

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