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31 Christmas Gifts You Totally Asked For In 2005

"OMG, mom, there is NOTHING inappropriate about a 'Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky' T-shirt!" -- you in 2003.

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6. The iPod transmitter that NEVER worked well.

Having an iPod was already a status symbol, but being able to play it in your car was NEXT level. The worst part was finding a radio station that could hold onto the signal.


9. Glow perfume by Jennifer Lopez.


In the early 2000s there was NO bigger or more fabulous star than J.Lo. She was larger than life! And while you knew you couldn't live her jet-set lifestyle, you could at least smell like her (to be honest, she probably didn't wear Glow).

11. Abercrombie & Fitch logo sweaters (that came with the faint smell of Fierce cologne).

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A&F was THE IT store of the early 2000s teens, and you probably wanted everything from them. But, if you couldn't get your entire wardrobe from there, getting their hoodies and sweaters was the next best thing -- even if they were overpriced and the smell of Fierce never fully washed out.

13. ...and then an iPod Nano.


It was game over for the Mini after the Nano was released. Suddenly THIS, with its color screen and teeny-tiny size, was the player you wanted...BADLY.


18. Your favorite TV shows on DVD.

Fox Televsion

This was the only way you could binge-watch a TV show back in the day -- well, at least binge-watch a TV show season you had probably already seen.


21. A pair of UGG boots.


Was there a more desired Christmas gift than UGGs? They practically screamed the PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT since they were meant to be worn in cold weather, plus they were a splurge item.

23. The Sims along with all its amazing expansion packs.


The worst part was the amount of memory the packs used up on your PC. That is if your computer wasn't crashing from all the viruses your LimeWire files gave it.


25. Fugly AF trucker hats.


And there was only one name when it came to fugly trucker hats: Von Dutch. You probably wanted one since EVERY young celeb seemed to have one in the early '00s.

28. Altoids Sours in your stocking.


Sure they scratched the top of your mouth like a piece of Cap'n Crunch cereal on roids, but they were tasty and a nice surprise to find inside your stocking...along with MONEY.

31. ...and of course you had to get Nintendogs along with your DS, 'cause it was just as cool as having a real pet.

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Nintendogs may you RIP alongside all those Tamagotchis we neglected and had die on us in the '90s.

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