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    29 Things That'll Make Anyone Who Was Ages 6-12 In The Late '90s Scream, "That Was My Childhood And I Miss All Of This!"

    Life was so pure 20 years ago!

    1. The thrill of opening a brand-spanking new pack of Pokémon cards (that just smelled so, so good when you opened them):

    2. Wondering why Chuck E. Cheese looked like some sorta early-'90s "extreme" rollerblader:

    3. Begging your parents to buy you these cereals 'cause they had the Nickelodeon O Scope as a prize:

    4. Watching movies about cool animals like Dunston Checks In...

    5. ...and Paulie (and immediately wanting them as pets):

    6. Listening to this disco album at every family party (also, being all about that "Grease Megamix"):

    7. Watching this lineup on Nick at Nite:

    8. Having the Kraft Mac & Cheese "ceremony" jingle stuck in your head:

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    9. Playing with the Game Boy Camera and feeling like it was the most futuristic thing ever:

    10. Doing research with one of these, but, more often than not, just looking through it when you were bored:

    11. The excitement you felt when the Toys "R" Us Big Toy Book showed up in the Sunday paper:

    12. Wanting one of these iMacs so bad and telling your parents you'd never need another computer again:

    13. Having the Gold Collection Disney VHS movies (which was basically your first Criterion Collection):

    14. Fighting over who got to use the Rumble Pak (if you only had one) while playing N64:

    15. Treating these plates like they were your nana's fine china:

    16. Playing with My Little Ponies that looked like this:

    17. Feeling like you were oh-so-cool while wearing these headphones (even if they did hurt your ears any time you put them on):

    18. Collecting all of the Spice Girls dolls, but only really playing with the Spice Girl you identified with:

    19. Washing your hair with these fruity scented shampoos — that also burned the hell out of your eyes:

    20. Wanting to see Rugrats: A Live Adventure 'cause the commercials played non-stop:

    21. Having your first Star Wars toys be from "The Power of the Force" line:

    22. Knowing you were in for a treat whenever you put that orange tape into the VCR:

    23. Loving Old Navy commercials, but mainly for Magic the dog and "the Old Navy Lady" (aka Carrie Donovan):

    24. Getting one of these almanacs for your birthday from a relative who didn't really know you well:

    25. Getting hyped any time your teacher had the class play Brain Quest:

    26. Wanting to collect all of the Furby Happy Meal toys, even though they weren't really Furbies:

    27. Low-key being scared that you were going to turn into a piece of fruit any time you ate a Gusher 'cause of the terrifying commercials:

    28. Knowing the best part about Oreo O's cereal was the milk that was left over in your bowl:

    29. And finally, knowing all the words and music to this commercial by heart:

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