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29 Preschool Toys That'll Make '90s Kids Say, "OMG, I Totally Played With That!"

Does anyone know what the hell was the point of Bumble Ball?

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1. The tape recorder that made you feel like a pop star:

2. A toy you were allowed to destroy with markers:

3. Bean bags, which were the most random-ass things to play with:

4. The ultimate in flashlight technology:

5. Puzzles with really big pieces:

6. Puzzles with big wooden pieces:

7. These blocks that you NEVER wanted to accidentally step on barefoot:

8. Your first retail job:

9. Your first iPad:

10. This game which had no point:

11. This game that was basically just Hungry Hungry Hippos:

12. These stylin’ roller skates that barely moved:

13. This simple game that really entertained you:

14. This game that entertained you for about three minutes:

15. This truly epic castle:

16. Your very own pirate ship:

17. Play food that actually made you really hungry:

18. Koosh balls, which you basically just smelled:

19. The first car you ever drove:

20. The ol’ fishin’ hole:

21. The ~magical~ vanishing milk bottle:

22. Fisher-Price Little People that were as big as your fist:

23. Unidentifiable green gooze:

24. Glo Worms that randomly appeared in your toy box:

25. This toy that tricked you into vacuuming:

26. Stuffed prehistoric pals:

27. All the sounds on the farm (and then some):

28. Bricks you could throw:

29. And finally, the toy that you only played at the doctor's or dentist's office:

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