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29 Hilarious Confessions About Pop Stars From Super Fans

The Tumblr Stan Confessions has collected the rather interesting thoughts that overzealous fans have about their favorite celebrities.

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1. I wouldn't hold my breath:

2. So is this the reason why Adele doesn't attack other artists on Twitter?

3. Well this is an upgrade from the usual shade that is thrown at Rita:

4. Who doesn't think "queen of sass and ass" when they think of Louis Tomlinson?!

5. I don't think we've caught up with them yet:

6. I mean, duh, that's just a plain fact:

7. I think this is supposed to be a compliment?

8. "Course":

9. Watch out Tay and Bey:

10. But did Gaga hear about Carly Rae Jepsen?

11. Does this make Adrienne Bailon the Beyoncé of the group?

12. But will she reunite with the Cheetah Girls?!

13. Wait, there are other members in Maroon 5?!

14. Well except for album sales, airplay, and popularity:

15. TBH, I think we can all agree they both have their own amazing style:

16. Maybe she's just on a vacation?

17. If most people have to do a Google search to figure out who you're talking about, then labeling her the "queen of pop" might be a stretch:

18. Maybe Taylor is just doing a reboot of Britney's "Toxic" video?

19. I'd say Cher is more of a national treasure:

20. Leave it to a bunch of fictional cartoon monsters to release something more superior than Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:

21. Hold on, "culture" too?

22. On the sixth day, God created J.Lo:

23. Well, for some money is an aphrodisiac:

24. Was this confession submitted in 2001?

25. Just like Pepsi!!!!

26. Reminder: We've been having this debate for 16 years!

27. Ashley, is that you?

28. Taylor's powers know no bounds:

29. And finally, this is a 100% on point:

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