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27 Things You Might Have Forgotten About The 1999 VMAs

From Fred Durst hanging with Heather Locklear to Lil' Kim's iconic pasty, this all happened 15 years ago!

1. It all went down at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City on 9-9-99.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

Which, yes, was a weird place to hold the award show.

2. Chris Rock hosted the show and delivered the best VMA opening ever.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

"Why the hell would you want to be a Backstreet Boy? Didn't you see New Kids on the Block, don't you know how this movie is going to end?!"

3. Tommy Lee came dressed like a flasher, while his then-wife, Pamela Anderson, came dressed in something a glamorous Las Vegas madame would wear to the Kentucky Derby.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

4. Britney Spears made her very first appearance at the show and she was definitely excited to be there.

Brenda Chase/ Hulton Archive

5. NYSNC was there too and they seem confused on why Joey Fatone came dressed like Ronald McDonald.

Brenda Chase/ Hulton Archive

6. Will and Jada Smith both wore outfits made out of a lot of dead cows.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

Unless Will is wearing wolf skin?

7. While Christina Aguilera wore a lot of faux cheetah.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

8. Someone let Busta Rhymes walk out of his house looking like this:

Ron Galella / WireImage

Did he raid Janet Jackson's wardrobe?

9. Moby looked like C-3PO going to prom.

Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

10. While Renée Zellweger arrived looking like she lost a fight with a hair crimper.

Trevor Gillespie / Getty Images

11. Korn was there, 'cause kids thought they were cool.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

12. Limp Bizkit was there 'cause in 1999 we all had a serious lapse in judgement.

\\\Brenda Chase/ Hulton Archive

I'm sure Heather Locklear (aka Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place forever) regrets taking that photo with them.

13. J.Lo and Puff Daddy were the hottest couple of the night.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

14. Kid Rock performed "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" with Aerosmith. OK, just kidding he performed "Bawitdaba."

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

15. TLC took home the Best Group Video for "No Scrubs," while looking like badasses.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

16. Backstreet Boys thanked God for their award for Viewer's Choice.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

And also, probably, secretly prayed that NSYNC remain the No. 2 boy band.

17. Regis Philbin was there 'cause it was 1999 and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was all the rage.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

18. Britney Spears performed at the VMAs for the very first time...

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

19. ...along with NYSNC...

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive an epic "Baby One More Time" / "Tearin' Up My Heart" mash-up performance:

View this video on YouTube

20. Lauryn Hill slayed because it was her year.

21. Jay-Z performed a "Jigga My N****"/"Can I Get A..."/"Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)" medley.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

22. The Beastie Boys took home the award for Best Hip-Hop Video and took the moment to talk about the need for peace.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

23. Ricky Martin shaked his bon-bon while performing "Livin' la Vida Loca."

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

24. Madonna received a spectacular introduction, that took a look back at her past.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

25. But, the real reason she was there was to present Video of the Year with none other than Paul McCartney.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

And it went to Lauryn Hill for "Doo Wop (That Thing)."

26. But, even with Paul and Madonna in attendance, there was only ONE true star of the night and it was Lil' Kim...

...who brought The Little Mermaid realness to the VMAs.

Brenda Chase/ Hulton Archive

27. Even Diana mother-f'ing Ross couldn't resist and had to cop a feel. Which led to this memorable moment.



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