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27 Things You Might Have Forgotten About The 1999 VMAs

From Fred Durst hanging with Heather Locklear to Lil' Kim's iconic pasty, this all happened 15 years ago!

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2. Chris Rock hosted the show and delivered the best VMA opening ever.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

"Why the hell would you want to be a Backstreet Boy? Didn't you see New Kids on the Block, don't you know how this movie is going to end?!"


3. Tommy Lee came dressed like a flasher, while his then-wife, Pamela Anderson, came dressed in something a glamorous Las Vegas madame would wear to the Kentucky Derby.


12. Limp Bizkit was there 'cause in 1999 we all had a serious lapse in judgement.

\\\Brenda Chase/ Hulton Archive

I'm sure Heather Locklear (aka Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place forever) regrets taking that photo with them.

Advertisement an epic "Baby One More Time" / "Tearin' Up My Heart" mash-up performance:

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25. But, the real reason she was there was to present Video of the Year with none other than Paul McCartney.

Frank Micelotta/ Hulton Archive

And it went to Lauryn Hill for "Doo Wop (That Thing)."


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