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27 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Were Born Before 1995

It truly was that hard knock life.

1. Straining your eyes any time you played your Gameboy in the car at night:

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed BFF

Shoutout to streetlights, the real MVP.

2. Having to keep all your friends’ or family’s phone numbers on an enormous list (it was either that or memorizing them all):

Usually this piece of paper was older than you were.

3. And having to look up someone's number you didn't have in the phonebook:

Twitter: @karenharter

Good luck if they have a super common name.

4. Accidentally leaving an awkward message on your friend's family's answering machine and having no option to delete it:

Fox Television

It still hurts after all these years.

5. Having a family member tape over a video tape you specifically asked them not to use:


True devestation.

6. Picking up your developed photos and getting somebody else's photos instead of your own. And, usually, losing your own photos in the mix-up:

Nothing like that weird moment when you opened your photo packets and saw unrecognizable faces staring back at you.

7. Finding out 90% of your photos are blurry or bad after getting them developed:


* rips up photos immediately *

8. Having to use a public phone and realizing it's broken:

Richard Eppedio / Getty Images

Welp, guess I'm stranded.

9. Turning on the TV Guide Channel right after the channel's listing you wanted to see had already scrolled:


I JUST missed Nickelodeon.

10. Having to open like 45 files before getting to the one you wanted:

Twitter: @legendslyf

The never-ending search.

11. Having Clippy constantly bug you whenever you were using Microsoft Office:

Honestly, f*ck this guy.

12. Having to adjust your TV antenna over and over if you were watching television on a TV that didn't have cable.

"Almost got it..."

13. Having to pull this move if you wanted privacy while talking on a non-cordless phone:


14. Getting kicked off the internet 'cause there was too many people in your neighborhood logged on at the same time:

I'm just trying to log-on.

15. Finally being able to get online and immediately having to get off 'cause someone needed to use the phone:


Is that phone call to grandma REALLY that important???

16. Trying to look at a ~suggestive~ pic using a 56k modem and having it take FOREVER to appear:

Hongqi Zhang/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

Come on... COME ON.

17. Putting a movie in and realizing it wasn't rewound:

Twitter: @90sdecade

And having to cover your eyes when rewinding so you don't spoil the movie.

18. Or worse yet, having your VCR destroy your favorite movie:

19. Scrambling to try to perfectly tape a song off the radio:

And the first 5 seconds of the song just being a DJ yelling over the beat.

20. Downloading a fake MP3 off LimeWire or Kazaa:

"I did not have sexual relations..."

21. Dealing with sending and receiving faxes:


22. Basically not being able to move whenever you used your portable CD player:

Twitter: @KelliNicole10

How am I supposed to pretend I'm in a music video now?

23. Lending a CD to your friends and getting it back all scratched and being forced to buy the album all over again:

This kills the friendship.

24. Ordering something over the phone and then having no way to track your packages:

Dtack / Getty Images

"It's been 84 years..."

25. Having to wait for the TV to announce whether you had a snow day or not:

Twitter: @ericajoyleonard / 2boyzinc/


26. Having Internet Explorer crash on you at least 60% of the time you used it:

Twitter: @CoolBeans0_o

It's like modern art.

27. And finally, having your entire computer crash on the reg:

Which, LBH, happened thanks to all those viruses you got from downloading MP3s on LimeWire.