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    25 Toys That You '90s Kids Loved Playing With In Preschool

    Playskool Tape Player > Your Bluetooth speaker

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    1. These Land Before Time hand puppets that were hand-me-downs from your older siblings or cousins:

    2. Literally just tossing all Cootie pieces on the ground and building a bunch of cooties by yourself and never playing with it as an actual game:

    3. Using the Fisher-Price Fun Hydrant Sprinkler on hot summer days and eventually having your parents tell you you couldn't play with it anymore 'cause it was ruining the grass:


    4. The ultimate in flashlight technology, which you used almost exclusively for just shadow puppets:

    5. Street Sharks, which were sorta freaky looking in retrospect:

    6. Knocking over these blocks as soon as you were done building the most beautiful fort or castle that you had ever seen:

    7. Singing along to all your favorite Disney songs with this tape player:


    8. Playing pretend restaurant or doing your crafts on this classic picnic table:

    9. Feeling legit terrorized whenever you ever were anticipating Mr. Bucket to spit out the balls:

    10. Sticking your fingers into this mouth and praying it wouldn't snap close:

    11. Having to see just how far you could stretch your Koosh ball:

    12. Talking to Barbie on your very first cellphone:


    13. This plastic play house, which you most likely called "the clubhouse":


    14. This Little Tikes school bus which you filled with the egg-shaped people:

    15. These Fisher-Price Little People that were the size of your fist:

    16. Puppy or Kitty Surprise which you always wished came with more puppies or kittens:

    17. Having truly epic battles with this castle:

    18. Not really understanding what the hell you were supposed to do with this once you caught it:

    19. The Magna Doodle, which had the most soothing eraser in the entire world:

    20. These stuffed animals that you held on to tightly while watching Barney and Friends:

    21. The Little Tikes Climber which was true backyard or playroom goals:

    22. These Crayola stamp markers which allowed you to create true works of art:

    23. This hand-me-down record player that you usually found at your grandma's house:

    24. These McDonald's Halloween pails that you played with year round:

    25. And finally, this car that you loved to cruise around the driveway in:

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