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    25 Smells No '80s Girl Will Ever Forget

    TBH, it just seems like everything smelled like plastic in the '80s!

    1. The addictive, sweet, plasticky smell of My Little Pony figures:

    2. The smell of PVC Smurf figures (especially when you had a bunch of them in a drawer or box):

    3. The exaggerated strawberry scent of Strawberry Shortcake:

    4. And the chalky, slightly candy-ish smell of Strawberry Shortcake vitamins:

    5. The warm smell of a VCR after being used:

    6. The clean smell of Johnson's No More Tangles kids detangling spray:

    7. The synthetic fresh scent of Air Wick's Magic Mushroom air freshener:

    8. Barbie shoes that had that distinct plastic mixed with rubber smell:

    9. The ~sophisticated~ floral scents of Rose Petal dolls:

    10. The almost dough-like smell of a fresh canister of Play-Doh:

    11. The smell of ink and old paper on library book circulation cards:

    12. The candy-ish smell of collectable erasers (that never erased):

    13. Pencil cases...

    14. ...and Barbie cases that had that strong vinyl-y smell:

    15. The soapy (yet a little detergenty) smell of Mr. Bubble:

    16. Frame-tray puzzles that always smelled like old wet grocery store paper bags:

    17. And the large form puzzles that smelled like composite wood:

    18. The thick, sticky, and alcohol-y smell of hairspray:

    19. The sweet smell of Peaches n' Cream Barbie (which you SWORE smelled like peaches and cream) that didn't last as long as you wanted:

    20. The refreshing scent of White Rain shampoo:

    21. The oh-so-lovely scent of Electric Youth perfume:

    22. The way that brand-new Colorforms had that scent that you just couldn't stop sniffing:

    23. The unique smell of a bunch of rubber balls:

    24. The oh-so-tempting-to-eat smell of these Mr. Sketch markers:

    25. And finally, the variety of smells of Scratch & Sniff Stickers (that were the ultimate '80s scents):