25 Things That Were Once So Normal That Everyone Will Forget About In 10 Years

    RIP all those great BBM chats.

    1. Putting on channel 3 whenever you wanted to watch a movie or play a video game:

    2. Constantly having to adjust the tracking on your VCR whenever you wanted to watch a new videotape:

    3. Having to look up movie times in a real, physical newspaper:

    4. Having one of these as the ONLY way to make a phone call when you were on a plane:

    5. Printing out directions from MapQuest:

    6. Scrambling to grab a pen and paper ‘cause you wanted to order something off a TV commercial:

    7. Carrying around a disgusting amount of burned CDs in a binder in the backseat of a car:

    8. Making collect calls on pay phones:

    9. Having to manually shut down to avoid tragedy:

    10. Owning a phone that you could go more than a day without charging:

    11. Little mouse balls:

    12. Backing up your MP3s and photos onto CDs in case your computer ever crashed:

    13. Having listening kiosks at music stores as the only way to preview an entire album before buying it:

    14. Buying an expensive CD single import so you could listen to the bonus B-side:

    15. Buying ringtones and ringbacks for your phone...

    16. ...and of course, recording your ringtone off the radio:

    17. Having to type "www." in front of any webpage you wanted to search:

    18. BBM chats:

    19. Using these to store all your important assignments:

    20. Having to switch tapes for really long movies:

    21. Using a viewfinder in order to take a photo:

    22. Just taking photos and having NO idea how they'd turn out:

    23. Taking photos with a digital camera like this:

    24. The horror of accidentally missing the newest episode of your favorite show and having no way to watch it again (unless you taped it, of course):

    25. And finally, this slogan: