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    May 25, 2019

    25 Things That Any '90s Kid Will Be Able To Smell By Just Looking At It

    Pokémon should release a "fresh pack of trading cards" candle, TBH.

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    1. The oh-so-sugary-and-cinnamony smell of the milk left over in a bowl of French Toast Crunch:

    2. The warm smell of a VCR after being used:

    Matejay / Getty Images

    3. The weird rubbery scent of a vinyl Halloween mask:

    4. Barbie shoes that had that distinct plastic mixed with rubber smell (that almost made you want to chew on it) :

    5. The chalky fruity smell of this gum powder:

    6. The chalky OVERLY gum scent of Bubble Tape:

    Cute 90's Girl /

    7. The smell of dried glue or paste (non toxic, LOL):

    8. The smell of a box full of small rubber balls:

    9. The smell of feet and sweat in a Discovery Zone ball pit:

    Michael L. Abramson / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty

    10. The mixed smell of colored pencils, pastels, and vinyl that came out one of these any time you opened it:

    11. The chalky berry scent of these vitamins:

    12. The smell of Gak...which had an almost slight sour-ish smell:

    13. The almost dough-like smell of a fresh canister of Play-Doh:

    14. The overwhelming aroma of an opened Cheez Balls container:

    15. The burning lightbulb smell that came out of your Easy-Bake whenever you warmed it up:

    16. The smell of ink and old paper on library book circulation cards:

    17. The completely unmistakable strong smell of a brand new Koosh ball:

    18. The overwhelming (and wonderful) smell of opening a brand-new pack of Pokémon cards. It smelled like the cards, but, like, times a thousand:

    19. The metallic smell of a cup full of Chuck E. Cheese tokens:

    20. The rubbery smell of these Land Before Time puppets:

    21. The addictive plasticky smell of Disney's VHS shell cases:

    22. The lead and pencil shavings smell that came out of these sharpeners whenever you used them:

    23. The hard to describe smell of a Super Nintendo cartridge...especially after you had warmed it up by playing with it:

    24. The overly carpet smell of a brand new one of these:

    25. And finally, the smell of the inside of a Blockbuster — which smelled like a blend of popcorn, candy, dirty carpet, people, and the plastic VHS cases:

    David Friedman / Getty Images

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