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    25 Photos That'll Remind Millennials Just How Beautifully Simple Life Used To Be

    A simpler time, when all you needed was a pillow fort to make you happy.

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    1. When birthday parties weren't about friend dinners and splitting checks:

    Discovery Zone was better than Chuckie E Cheese cause they had laser tag and this Iconic thing that rolled underneath you.

    2. When this was the best and coolest souvenir you could get on vacation:

    3. When choosing the right font was the hardest choice you had to make:

    4. When this was the most awkward and stressful question you had to answer:

    5. When someone was being annoying, this was how you blocked them and they never even knew:

    6. When this was the only astrology you were into:

    7. When this...

    8. ...and this were good "gym" days:

    9. When a TV on a giant stand was the sign of a good day — literally no matter what was shown:

    10. When hiding in a pillow fort was the best way to ignore the world:

    11. When successfully passing a note in class felt like the most exciting thing you could do:

    12. When Beanie Babies were your 401K:

    Bill Greenblatt / Getty Images

    13. When this was the only thing that stressed you out:

    14. When this was your Disney+:

    15. When nothing was more refreshing than drinking out of hose in your backyard on a hot day:

    16. When you were entertained for hours by jumping around on furniture in your family's living room:

    17. When stepping barefoot on a Barbie comb was the thing you feared most:

    18. When this was the most divisive issue you fought over:

    19. When Sundays were all about reading the comics:

    Sollina Images / Getty Images

    20. When this was all you needed to keep you healthy:

    21. When this is what your library looked like:

    22. When these two things were all you needed to feel inspired:

    23. When this was the best way to select the person to be "it":

    24. When a trip to Blockbuster was the best Friday night plan:

    David Friedman / Getty Images

    25. And finally, when this was the hang out spot for you and your friends:

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