25 Classic Paintings Improved By Celebrities

These classy Photoshopped masterpieces are worthy of hanging over your fireplace mantle. (Images via Worth1000)

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

3. Jack Nicholson

4. Steve Carell

5. Michael C. Hall

6. Amy Winehouse

7. Natalie Portman

8. Jennifer Aniston

9. Alec Baldwin

10. Winona Ryder

11. Christian Bale

12. Michelle Pfeiffer

13. Nicole Kidman

14. Amanda Seyfried

16. Penelope Cruz

18. Daniel Craig

19. Rachel Weisz

20. Anne Hathaway

21. Michael Jackson

22. Susan Sarandon

23. Danny DeVito

24. Hugh Laurie

25. Johnny Depp

For more celebrity portraits check out Worth1000.

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