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23 "Got Milk?" Ads That Will Take You Back To The Early '00s

My only question: Who rocked the milk mustache the best?

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1. Lindsay Lohan literally at the height of her fame.

2. "It's gettin' hot in herre, so have a glass of cold milk." — Nelly

3. The Olsen twins were all grown up!

4. Hillary Duff explained the virtues of drinking milk before going on a shopping spree.

5. Bernie Mac (RIP) reminded parents that kids should drink milk.

6. To be honest I don't think tweens would have requested milk on TRL.

7. Typical, poor Robert got no milk :(

8. Bey and Solange were both crazy in love with milk.

9. Even Samantha Jones had a milk mustache....wait that is milk, right?

10. Angelina Jolie showed us that even tomb raiders needed a glass of milk.

11. All Freddie Prinze, Jr. had to do was give you those puppy dog eyes to give you a craving for milk.

12. Rebecca Romijn proved that milk clearly does a body good...

13. ...and so did David Beckham.

14. Zhang Ziyi showed off some of the fighting skills she picked up while filming Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

15. They really should have tested that milk that Mark McGwire was drinking.

16. To be honest Elliot doesn't strike me as the milk drinking type.

17. I guess fighting vampires required drinking lots of milk.

18. Of course Malcolm in the Middle's Dewey would drink chocolate milk.

19. This photo needed more Summer and Seth.

20. Proof of just how big Survivor was, the original cast members in 2000.

21. Britney stood next to her adorable younger self.

22. Two out of two Spy Kids preferred chocolate milk.

23. And lastly, want to know how Miley got the perfect muscles for twerking? Milk, of course!

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