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21 Things You Might Not Know About “Jurassic Park”

Can you imagine this classic '90s film starring Jim Carrey and Gwyneth Paltrow?

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1. Steven Spielberg first learned about Jurassic Park during a meeting in 1989, with the book’s author, Michael Crichton. The two had actually met to discuss a screenplay he had written for what would eventually become the TV series ER.

2. High-profile directors who were also interested in adapting the book into a movie included James Cameron, Richard Donner, and Tim Burton.

Crichton's agents circulated the book to various studios and directors, ultimately Spielberg was able to acquire the rights to the book.

Facts via: Entertainment Weekly

4. Spielberg famously lured acclaimed British director Sir Richard Attenborough out of a 14-year acting retirement and cast him as John Hammond. But Jurassic Park was actually the third film Spielberg had asked him to appear in.


6. Jim Carrey auditioned for the part of Ian Malcolm, and according to the casting director, Janet Hirshenson, he did a terrific job.

Getty Images/ Hulton Archive

Although Jeff Goldblum was always first choice, they did test out other actors.

Fact via: Entertainment Weekly

8. Ian Malcolm's famous line “Don't you mean extinct?” was actually inspired by something special visual effects supervisor Phil Tippett said to Spielberg when he was told CGI and not stop-motion would be used to animate the dinosaurs.

Tippet (above right), who specialized in stop-motion animation, realized that CGI was the wave of the future after seeing some rough renderings of the dinosaurs — and he quipped, “I think I’m extinct!” Spielberg found it so funny that he added it to the movie. Tippett stayed on the production as a consultant.

Fact via: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


10. Because of the long amount of time necessary for post-production, George Lucas took over the post-production responsibilities so that Spielberg could go to Europe to begin shooting Schindler’s List.

12. The idea to have Mr. DNA explain the science behind Jurassic Park was a fluke.

According to screenwriter David Koepp:

"I remember Steven [Spielberg] and I were wrestling with that very issue, about the DNA, and one of us said, 'What are we supposed to do? Have a little animated character called Mr. DNA?' And the other one said, 'Yes! That’s exactly what we’re going to do!'"

Fact via: Entertainment Weekly