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21 Things That Used To Be Important In Elementary School But Aren't At All Now

Such a pure time.

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1. Perfecting this signture, so that you could put it on EVERYTHING:

2. Selling as many chocolates as possible — more for pride than the actual prize:

3. Having a cool ~statement~ lunchbox:

4. Having one of these (or both) in your lunchbox:

5. Trying to keep your crayons pristine as long as possible:

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

6. Trying to keep the smell of your markers pristine for as long as possible:

7. Being assigned the task of being line leader (aka the front of the line) by your teacher:

Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

8. Making sure you got a chocolate milk before they ran out:

9. Getting a few books that you really wanted from the Scholastic Book Fair:

10. Being able to pretend that you shot lead:

11. Saving the best Valentine’s Day card from the pack for your BFF or crush:

12. Having a cool container to store your supplies in:

13. Fooling around on this for as long as humanly possible:

14. Creating the biggest marker sword that you could:

15. Making sure you grabbed the newest ball during recess:

16. Getting the future that you wanted (or at least better than your friends) when playing MASH:

17. Completing the Book It! challenge — 'cause you wanted the pin and the free pizza:

18. Having an oh-so-pretty eraser collection (that you never intended to use):

19. Having a super-cool pencil topper:

20. Making sure you completed your D.A.R.E workbook and signed the pledge so that you could get the T-shirt:

21. And finally, getting as many kids to sign your T-shirt on the last day of school.

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