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    21 Extremely Awkwardly Placed Product Stickers

    It only takes one well placed sticker to completely change a product's description.

    1. Those M&M’s mascots always did seem super close:

    2. Speaking of being close, what's going on there, Pooh?!


    "Inside & Out" indeed.

    3. This makes it sound like the porn parody:

    4. Even the pink button placement suggests that this book is about something else:

    5. Jeez, I wonder what the other 98 things are?


    6. Must make it hard to crawl:

    7. Wow, they really do make them in every flavor:

    8. Who has the time to make a good one?


    9. It is the season for giving:

    10. Well, cats really are dicks:

    11. This would make for an interesting book club read:

    12. Apparently Patrick Stewart has been hiding his real talent from us this whole time:

    13. NOPE.

    14. It's good to brush up on the basics:

    15. It's never too early to teach your kids about STDs:

    16. At least we know it's "The Freshmaker":

    17. I think I rented a movie title by the same name once:

    18. It's better to under-promise than underwhelm:

    19. Sounds like a thriller:

    20. I think most of us describe food this way:

    21. KSKJSLSDSJFSLDJFkas;ffdkflj


    Watch where you place your damn stickers!

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