21 Disturbing Easter Bunny Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Back

    Just another reminder that Easter Bunnies can also be disturbing as hell.

    1. Um, I'm pretty sure by the look on this bunny's face that he is about to eat those poor doggies.

    2. This freaky fellow is HIGH AS FUCK.

    3. I feel you, little girl. I feel you.

    4. OMG, this bunny is definitely stealing souls.

    5. Wait, does that bunny have a mouth covered in the blood of his previous victims?

    6. By the look on this bunny's face, he was heavily drinking the night before.

    7. And by the look in its eyes, this bunny was on a coke bender the night before.

    8. That sinister look totally says, "Nope, you're not getting this kid back!"

    9. This bunny looks like he is about ready to chow down.

    10. Watch out little girl! That's just a vampire posing as the Easter Bunny!!!

    11. I guess we know what The Nightmare Before Christmas would have looked like if Jack Skellington had opened the Easter door.

    12. You know that uncomfortable looking little girl is just waiting for the right moment to run (skate) away from that busted up bunny.

    13. "Why so serious?"

    14. OK, this bunny is totally role playing that he is Gollum.

    15. Am I the only one who is seeing a giant tampon with a face and ears?

    16. What in mutated hell is this supposed to be?!

    17. Are we sure the person inside that bunny costume is still alive?!

    18. Seriously, what the fuck?!

    19. YIKES! Those eyes. That evil smirk. This all so wrong.

    20. Nope. Nope. NOPE.

    21. AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    "YOU'RE NEXT!"