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    21 Awesomely Inspired '80s Kids Tattoos

    BRB, going out to get a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe sleeve.

    1. This amazingly beautiful, yet haunting, Little Mermaid tattoo.

    2. This smurfy Smurf tattoo, that pretty much summarizes how '80s kids feel about life today.

    3. This E.T. full moon scene silhouette tattoo.

    4. This super-cute My Little Pony and Care Bears mash-up sleeve that totally makes you want to hug a rainbow:

    5. Not pony tales or cotton tales, no just this DuckTales tattoo (WOO-oo)!

    6. This totally badass She-Ra tattoo.

    7. Great Scott! I've needed this DeLorean from Back to the Future tattoo since 1985.

    8. This truly, truly, truly outrageous Jem tattoo.

    9. This Gizmo tattoo, where it looks like he is getting to recreate the boombox scene from Say Anything.

    10. This Toadie from Gummi Bears tattoo that proves that even the baddies deserve some love too.

    11. This 8-bit Mario tattoo that looks straight out of Super Mario Bros.

    12. This Jareth from Labyrinth tattoo totally has the power of voodoo.

    13. Heey youuu guuys! This Sloth from The Goonies tattoo might make you want to do the "Truffle Shuffle."

    14. This Madonna tattoo that pays tribute to her totally underrated ~classic~ movie, Who's That Girl.

    15. These Transformers tattoos that are more than meets the eye.

    16. This Rainbow Brite tattoo will brighten anybody's day.

    17. This Mega Man tattoo is insanely cute.

    18. This Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures tattoo is delightfully menacing.

    19. This He-Man and the Masters of the Universe sleeve is strong with the power of Grayskull.

    20. This Ecto Cooler tattoo is the perfect tribute to the long gone delicious drink.

    21. And finally, this sleeve, which is basically the entire '80s Saturday morning cartoon line up.