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    23 Very Specific 2000s Things That Millennials Haven't Thought About In 10 Years Or Maybe Even Longer

    Remember when the only reason you walked into an Apple Store was to play with the iPods?

    1. The bright green "on light" on the old external computer speakers:

    Close-up of a external computer speaker with the green light on

    2. Happy Bunny T-shirts and the sarcastic statements on them:

    A blue Happy Bunny T-shirt featuring a smiling bunny and "I am not spoiled, I deserve all my stuff"

    3. Best Buy having like 50% of its floor space dedicated to just DVDs:

    A photo of an older woman in a black winter coat looking DVDs in the DVD Family section of a Best Buy store

    4. And the Apple Store having 50% of its floor space devoted to iPods and the accessories for them:

    Picture of a four teens each looking at an iPod and wearing headphones inside an Apple Store

    5. Bougie designer iPod covers, which cost almost as much as the player itself:

    A Coach iPod cover with Coach monogram and hot pink leather trim

    6. The iPod Nano commercial that featured Feist's "1234" music video:

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    7. Gateway computers and the cow-print boxes they came in:

    A stack of Gateway computer boxes with cow-print on them

    8. My Name Is Earl and it being a pretty popular TV show:

    A photo of Early lying on a hospital bed surrounded by the other characters

    9. G4's Attack of the Show!, which was the nerdiest show on TV:

    Hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn standing on the set of "Attack of the Show!"

    10. Amanda Bynes' Dear by Amanda Bynes clothing line...

    Amanda Bynes standing in between 4 mannequins dressed in her clothing inside a Steve & Barry's

    11. ...and Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten clothing line, both of which were sold at Steve & Barry's:

    People shopping the Bitten collection at a Steve & Barry's

    12. Spike Guys Choice Awards, which seemed like an award show that you would get if you combined Maxim magazine, a trucker hat, and an energy drink:

    Tila Tequila picking up Guys Choice Award that is in the shape of a stag antlers

    13. B. Dalton bookstores, which was a mall staple:

    Exterior of B. Dalton Bookstore

    14. The Good Guys! stores, which always felt like a fancy Best Buy:

    Exterior of a The Good Guys! store with shoppers walking in

    15. CD label makers that wasted sooooo much printer ink:

    A CD Stomper label maker still in the package

    16. Calling tweets "microblogging":

    A screenshot of an article titled "5 Microblogging Sites That Aren't Twitter"

    17. Car cassette adapters that let you listen to your iPod in the car:

    A black RCA cassette adaptor

    18. DVDs that came in cardboard cases and had a double-sided DVD (one side for full-screen and one for widescreen):

    A DVD case opened

    19. Madonna and Missy Elliott's Gap ad campaign:

    20. Waist chains that came with long dangling pieces, which scratched your skin:

    Photo of a woman wearing a crop top and a waist chain with a star hanging off of it

    21. Myspace Secret Shows, and you never knew anyone who actually went to them:

    A photo of Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips on stage at Myspace Secret Show

    22. Family Guy ringtones, which you had to text to get and also pay for:

    23. And finally, VH1's The Fabulous Life of... series that, in retrospect, probably was not 100% factual:

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