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There Is Literally No Way You're Going To Pass This Quiz Unless You're A True 2000s Girl

This quiz is definitely not for you if you never had a Myspace.

  1. What phone is this?

    John Sciulli / WireImage / Getty Images
  2. In Mean Girls, the Plastics performed a dance to which Christmas song at the Winter Talent Show?

    Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection
  3. What are these lip glosses by Lancôme called?

    Dickson Lee / South China Morning Post via Getty Images
  4. What Gwen Stefani music video is this from?

    Interscope Records / Gwen Stefani /
  5. Which celebrity launched a perfume called Glow?

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images
  6. Finish these lyrics: "If you believe / We've got a..."

  7. Which of these TV shows was a spinoff of Girlfriends?

    Darien Davis / CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images
  8. Missy Elliott remixed which classic Madonna song as part of their Gap ad campaign?

    The Gap / Getty Images
  9. This is a commercial for what product?

    MyHeadHurty /
  10. What is the title of this Usher album?

    Sony Music
  11. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher costarred in what movie together?

    Lester Cohen / Getty Images
  12. Orlando Jones did ads for what soda brand?

    Keurig Dr Pepper /
  13. Which of these is a REAL Juicy Couture slogan?

    Donato Sardella / WireImage for Harrison & Shriftman / Getty Images
  14. What Outkast music video is this from?

    SME / Outkast /
  15. What did Mavis Beacon teach you?
  16. Which celebrity had a beauty product line called Dessert?

    Scott Gries / Getty Images
  17. On Gossip Girl, where did Penn Badgley's character, Dan Humphrey, live?

    Patrick Harbron / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection
  18. Apple used which music video as part of its commercial for the iPod Nano?

  19. How many "top" friends were you allowed to have on Myspace?

    Nicholas Kamm / AFP via Getty Images
  20. And finally, "Little Lad" appeared in a commercial for what?

    The Wrigley Co. / Mars /

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