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    19 Gloriously Bad Crimes Nicole Richie Committed Against Fashion

    The early '00s were a rough time style-wise for the designer/fashion icon. But, then again, weren't they for all of us?

    So this is probably how must of us picture designer and fashion icon Nicole Richie.

    Glamorous, fashion forward...

    ... and above all super chic.

    1. But the truth is that her sartorial choices weren't always so chic.

    2. Like the time she accessorized her summer look with leg warmers (really big leg warmers).

    3. Maybe her shins are always cold?

    4. Or maybe her neck and her shins fluctuated on being cold. Which might explain why she wore a scarf with a tank top...

    5. ... or with a terry cloth dress.

    6. There was also her whole scarf as a headband phase...

    7. ... which she even coordinated with her dresses...

    8. ... and paired with Uggs.

    9. Speaking of pairing, she once paired a fedora with gaucho pants and some really neon shoes.

    10. There was also the time where she was clearly like "fuck it," and wore just a pashmina as a top.

    11. Or the other time she was like, "fuck it," and wore just a sheer top and bra.

    12. She also rocked the asymmetrical striped skirt that every girl had in 2003.

    13. And she took it to next level by rocking a whole asymmetrical striped dress.

    14. Trucker hats? Airbrushing? Yup, she rocked them both, at once!

    15. Also who could forget those studded Hot Topic belts, which she paired with a Louis Vuitton Murakami bag.

    16. Nicole probably dreads seeing the photos of her signature clashing highlights.

    17. Of course being friends with Paris (at the time) probably didn't help. Who else do you think talked her into wearing matching Canadian tuxedos.

    18. Or made them look like they raided Barbie's clothing donation bin.

    19. But there is one crime against fashion we can't blame on Paris: Uggs with denim mini-skirts!

    One things for sure, I know exactly how Nicole would respond to my critiques.