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18 Unintentionally Raunchy Church Signs That Will Make You Blush

"The most powerful position is on your knees."

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1. To quote Dionne Warwick, "That's what friends are for," I guess?

2. Well that's really getting close to Jesus:

3. I mean that's what you want, right?

4. To be fair, it would probably bring a man of any height to his knees:

5. TBH, that sounds more like brunch gossip than a sermon:

6. Expect if you're naturally left handed:

7. Is this supposed to be career advice?

8. I would've thought it was something more biblical, like "thou":

9. A twist on the age old dilemma:

10. Not to brag, but it's more than once a year:


11. This one is hard to argue with:


12. I don't know if this something you want to admit to:

13. Pastor Thomas must be pretty popular on Grindr:

14. Still trying to figure out how exactly this one works:

15. Also, olive oil can work in a pinch:


16. I didn't even know they made a porn parody of that -- it's SO wrong, :

17. Um Pastor Paul, I hope your congregation consents to it first:

18. =(

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