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    18 Insignificant Things That Seriously Piss Everyone Off

    Don't go into the express lane with a cart FULL of groceries!

    1. When you go to the store specifically for one product and it's out of stock.

    Twitter: @aglowswift

    Basically ruins your entire trip.

    2. Or worse yet, when your favorite product has been discontinued altogether.

    Especially if it's a beauty product that has CHANGED your life.

    3. When the person whose HBO Go password you've been using changes it.

    Twitter: @KristieKomperda

    And asking for the updated password can be tricky if you don't really talk to them or they're your EX.

    4. When you donโ€™t pay for extra iCloud storage and are forced to either NOT take a photo or delete older photos to make space.

    Twitter: @besdao

    *starts internal conversation about whether to just buy the extra storage*

    5. When you only packed a carry-on bag because you didn't want to check a bag in, but are forced to check-in your bag at the gate 'cause there is no overhead bin space.

    Twitter: @eTurboNews

    The. Worst.

    6. When you're excited to see Amazon has the product you want at a better price, but then realize it's not on Prime.


    So with shipping it basically ends up being more expensive than just buying it at the store.

    7. When you pay extra for a new upgraded Wi-Fi router, but it's still just as slow as your old one.

    "There goes my Netflix marathon."

    8. When you're just a few bucks (or sometimes cents) away from free shipping BUT can't find one more thing you want.

    Twitter: @addisonsherman

    Makes you reconsider even ordering anything, TBH.

    9. When your DVR cuts off the ending of your favorite TV show because it ran a few minutes over.

    Twitter: @BobSorey

    Having the show end on a cliffhanger is aggravating enough.

    10. When you see your iPhone is at 12%, but it suddenly dies.

    What the hell?! Did you just give up on life, Mr. iPhone?!

    11. When you plan to sleep in but end up waking up early anyways and can't go back to sleep.


    OK, how come this doesn't happen when I have to go to work?!

    12. When you go hungry to a party where the host said there would be food, but all there is to eat is, like, one bag of chips.

    Masci91 / Getty Images

    Don't say "come hungry" and then not feed me!

    13. When there are no spots in the parking lot and you see that some jerk took up two of them.

    Twitter: @ellis0811

    "Yeah, sure...I want to spend another 20 minutes circling around for a spot."

    14. When you're checking out at the store and move lines to what looks like a quicker line only to have the line you were just in move faster.

    Twitter: @MMinevich

    Why ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ does ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ this ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ always ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ happen?๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    15. When the person in the express lane has way more items than they're supposed to have.

    Twitter: @BillyBlac

    It says 15 items or less, NOT 25 items or less! And yes, I counted!

    16. When you make a reservation in advance for a table, but still end up waiting a long while when you show up to the restaurant.

    17. When you click on a YouTube video and the commercial playing before it is longer than the actual video you want to watch.

    Robert Sullivan / AFP / Getty Images

    "Well, I just wasted a minute and half watching an ad for a 45-second video."

    18. And finally, when you donโ€™t check your Facebook for a few hours and then see that you were tagged by a friend in a super unflattering photo.

    "Oh, I see you Facetuned your face to the point where you look like a cartoon character, but you couldn't even throw a filter on me!"