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    18 Clever Imgur Posts That All "Back To The Future" Fans Will Love

    'Cause hoverboards don't work on water! Unless you got POWAH!!!

    1. This Imgur user who posed an important and technically accurate question:

    2. When Left Shark not only stole the Super Bowl half time show, but also fulfilled a prophecy:

    3. When 2014 was coming to a close and we all knew it would be time for a whole new wardrobe...

    4. ...and also what was in-store for us in 2015:

    5. This all-too-spot-on movie marquee:

    6. This Imgur user who pointed out this plot point:

    7. When this eagle-eyed Imgur user realized this:

    8. This post that calls out Marty:

    9. This way too-cute post:

    10. This reminder that Doc is the greatest:

    11. This way accurate post that any Back to the Future fan can relate too:

    12. When you realize that Doc clicked on the annoying spam ad at the bottom every website:

    13. This reminder that hoverboards don't work on water:

    14. This photo which unintentionally confirmed that kids would be wearing their pants inside-out in 2015:

    15. This funny observation:

    16. This post about the struggle being real:

    17. This Imgur user who knows better than to pick up:

    18. This REALLY scary reality: