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    18 Beauty Product Ads From The '90s That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

    A tribute to all those products that filled your Caboodle.

    1. CK One


    If the '90s had an official fragrance, this would be it! Also, who didn't feel cool wearing this?

    2. Hard Candy


    Clueless isn't the only contribution Alicia Silverstone made to '90s culture, she also put this nail polish brand on the map by name-dropping it on The Late Show with David Letterman.

    3. Bonnie Bell Lip Shades


    Was there a color of mocha lipstick you didn't try in the '90s?

    4. Noxzema


    A scent of menthol probably came to you just by looking at this ad.

    Also, Rebecca Gayheart will forever be the "Noxzema Girl."

    5. L'Oreal Mega Gel


    This was the best way to achieve that perfect '90s helmet hair.

    6. L.A. Looks


    L.A. Looks mousse, the best way to achieve that perfect '90s crispy crunchy hair.

    7. Herbal Essences


    The smell! Oh that smell was a "totally organic experience."

    8. Sun-In


    This product should've come with a warning: Use only if you're already blonde, unless you're trying to achieve peroxide orange streaks.

    9. Revlon: Street Wear

    Via Flickr: amai

    Street Wear, Revlon's edgy answer to Urban Decay.

    10. Exclamation


    Was there a better perfume for less than $20? Probably, but every '90s girl wore this drugstore staple at some point in her life.

    11. L'Oreal Féria Hair Dye For Men


    L'Oreal's attempt to jump on the frosted tips bandwagon.

    12. Lip Smackers


    You could never have too many.

    13. Right Guard Power Gel


    What was the '90s answer to combat mens' armpit sweat? A gross gel that makes your armpits DAMP!

    14. Beverly Hills, 90210


    Who didn't want to be as cool as the "teens" on 90210?

    15. Polo Sport


    The fragrance that 90% of teenage boys drenched themselves with in the late '90s.

    16. Naturistics Lip Sparklers

    Usually these were parent approved since they walked the fine line between lipstick and chapstick.

    17. Teen Spirit


    Two words: California Breeze. The perfect scent.

    18. Candie's Perfume


    LOL, remember when Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra were married?!

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