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    17 Times Sarah Jessica Parker Wore Some Truly Epic '80s Fashion

    Before SJP became a style icon, she was pretty lost.

    1. The time she served us some Laura Ingalls Wilder glamour.

    2. The time she wore an oversized v-neck suede sweater, which, for some reason, she coordinated with chola bangs.

    3. Speaking of bangs, there was the time her bangs and shoulder pads competed to see which one could be the biggest.

    4. The time she channeled her inner Stevie Nicks, while her boyfriend, Robert Downey, Jr., by the look of his pants, channeled his inner Fred Mertz.

    5. The time she kept her look simple and understated by just wearing that '80s essential, a washed denim jacket.

    6. When she worked the Working Girl look.

    7. The time she went all glam hippie witch.

    8. The time she tried to be an '80s Annie Hall by donning menswear...

    9. ...literally wearing clothes straight from RDJ's closet.

    10. The time she wore your nana's old house coat.

    11. The time she and RDJ competed for fugliest outfit. Oversized jacket and lace-trimmed leggings? Check.

    12. The time she wore some puffy AND pleated riding pants! PLEATED. PUFFY. PANTS.

    13. The time she said "fuck it" and just threw together all the clothes that were on the floor of her bedroom and topped it off with a floor hat.

    14. The time she rocked a flower hat AGAIN.

    15. When she rocked this sophisticated late '80s ensemble: blazer, jean shorts, with white sneakers and multiple scrunched up socks = WIN.

    16. The time she rocked a rhinestoned bra.

    17. And lastly, when she wore this perfect '80s outfit. Bedazzled sunglasses, oversized tux jacket, peace necklace, and hair tie that perfectly held together a sideways ponytail.