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17 Times Sarah Jessica Parker Wore Some Truly Epic '80s Fashion

Before SJP became a style icon, she was pretty lost.

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4. The time she channeled her inner Stevie Nicks, while her boyfriend, Robert Downey, Jr., by the look of his pants, channeled his inner Fred Mertz.


11. The time she and RDJ competed for fugliest outfit. Oversized jacket and lace-trimmed leggings? Check.

Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images

Sorry, but RDJ won this hands down. Hopefully he burned the manpris.


14. The time she rocked a flower hat AGAIN.

Ron Galella Collection / Getty Image

But it's OK, that flower on her hat got work again as Carrie Bradshaw's lapel in several episodes of Sex and the City.

15. When she rocked this sophisticated late '80s ensemble: blazer, jean shorts, with white sneakers and multiple scrunched up socks = WIN.

17. And lastly, when she wore this perfect '80s outfit. Bedazzled sunglasses, oversized tux jacket, peace necklace, and hair tie that perfectly held together a sideways ponytail.


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