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17 Times The "Lies I've Told A Lot" Hashtag Was Honest AF

"Sorry, I just got your text."

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1. When you wake up with a massive hangover and swear you'll never drink again:

2. When your friends ask you to hang out with them, but the only place you want to hang is on your couch, alone:

#LiesIveToldALot "I can't come, I have so much to do today" When all i do is watching vines and sleeping😂

3. Whenever you update your iTunes, iOS, or basically any contract:

4. When you just want to stop answering texts and spend some time googling stupid shit and looking at Instas:

5. When the direct deposit hits and you promise to be better with your money this pay cycle.

#LiesIveToldALot 'I'm going to start saving my money!' *an hour later*

6. When you finally reply to your friend hours after you saw their text:

7. Or when you just don't feel like dealing with their B.S., so you pretend there must have been some sort of phone issue:

8. When you go out with your friends and make a promise to yourself that it won't get out of hand:

'I'll only have one drink tonight' #LiesIveToldALot

9. When you should have left half an hour ago to meet your friends, but you're barely leaving your place:

10. Or when your friends are on their way over to your place and you haven't even taken your PJs off.

#LiesIveToldAlot 'Yes. I'm awake, up out of bed and dressed.'

11. When you're just feeling too lazy to take notes, even though you know you really should:

12. When you go out to eat with your friends, but have zero dollars to spend:

13. When you ignored your mom's call and she later asks why you didn't answer:

Sorry, my phone was dead. #LiesIveToldALot

14. When you get to work late because accidentally overslept:

15. When you accidentally hurt yourself, but don't want to appear like you're being a baby:

That didn't hurt. I'm fine. #LiesIveToldALot

16. When you've stayed up late too many nights in a row, so you tell yourself tonight will be the night you sleep a solid eight hours:

17. And finally, when you need an excuse to take a "me day" from work:

I'm not going to be able to come to work today *cough, cough* think I caught that bug going around #LiesIveToldALot

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