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    16 Text Messages That Will Make You Happy You're Single

    Nothing like having a written reminder of why you broke up.

    1. Sometimes it's the little things that trigger memories:

    2. And sometimes it's the real little, little things that will trigger a memory:

    3. For those times when words aren't enough:

    4. So I guess they won't be singing along to "Someone Like You"?

    5. And like a penny, you picked it up:

    6. Honesty is the best policy:

    7. Did they keep their promise?

    8. I guess you're never too old to pull a prank:

    9. He should have sent an Edible Arrangement:

    10. When you're trying to "shake it off" with an ex:

    11. Sometimes you just have to spell it out:

    12. Well they do say that distance makes the heart grow fonder:

    13. Sometimes you fall ~hard~ in love:

    14. Well, she seems to have a type:

    15. But tell us what you really think:

    16. Nothing like a special occasion to reconnect with the ones you love: