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14 Times Grocery Stores Failed So Hard They Won

Canned cat, anyone?

1. Well, it looks like they have found a new way to market bananas:

2. At least they're being sold by the unit:

3. But does it taste like chicken?

4. I didn't even know there was a liquid form option:

5. It's the secret to having a quiet baby:

6. This just sounds so delicious:

7. Everyone knows the best part of waking up isn't Folgers in your cup:

8. Like the old saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make orange juice":

9. You know, to make traditional matzah bread BLTs with:

10. This store carries a rather interesting and extensive snack selection:

11. Remember: Baby cooking is an art, baby baking is a science:

12. Who knew Preparation H made a cake version of its hemorrhoid cream?

13. Is it lengthy or girthy?

14. I believe the correct term to use is White people: