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    Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Mar 5, 2013

    15 "Rolling Stone" Covers That Immortalized 2003 In Pop Culture

    Looking back at 10 years ago, to what really mattered to us then.

    1. Justin Timberlake was a heartbreaker.

    2. Good Charlotte were young, rich and famous.

    3. Avril Lavigne was the "Britney slayer."

    4. "Punk'd" star Ashton Kutcher was newly single and a nonstop party machine.

    5. Apparently, Fred Durst could still get on the cover of magazines.

    6. Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera were double trouble while teaming up for the sexiest tour on earth.

    7. Clay Aiken had a bright future ahead of him.

    8. Eminem was a genius (that didn't have time to pose for a cover).

    9. Angelina Jolie was hot & single.

    10. Ruben Studdard was your new 'American Idol'.

    11. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen were America's favorite fantasy.

    12. Britney Spears was hot!

    13. Johnny Cash passed away.

    14. Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys & Eve were apparently women in rock?

    15. Jessica Simpson was "housewife of the year."


    And apparently already on top of John Mayer!

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