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15 Parents Who Perfected The Art Of Being Passive-Aggressive

Slow clap for all of these parents. You're all my heroes.

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1. The parents who included a coupon for condoms in their Valentine's Day card:

2. This mom, who you do NOT want to cross:

3. This mom, who took out a personal ad to publicly guilt her daughter:

4. This dad, who is done having leftover sandwiches:

5. These parents, who will reluctantly lower their exceptions:

6. This dad, who is done giving his son dating advice:


7. This mom, who still hasn't forgotten the pains of being in labor:

8. This mom, who is clearly a pro at keeping her search history clean:

9. These parents, who have figured out a way to get their kids to help out around the house:

10. This mom, who called out her non-churchgoing daughter:

11. This parent, who does not see this container as half-full:


12. This mom, who knows the power of a good meme:

13. This dad, who knows what his daughter's money is going towards:

14. This parent, who really just want their beauty sleep:

15. This parent, who really should have never resorted to having to write this note:


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