15 Important Style Lessons The Backstreet Boys Taught Us

Lucky for fashionistas everywhere, Nick, Kevin, Howie D, Brian, and A.J showed us the magic that is coordinating boy band outfits.

1. When trying to achieve Sears Portrait Studio realness, dress in sweater vests.

2. It’s OK to be label whores.

3. No matter what people say, you can mix leather and denim for a “tough guy look.”

4. And, yes, mesh T-shirts and leather are very macho.

Clearly someone’s stylist was shopping the clearance section of the International Male catalog.

5. Nothing says, “take our music seriously, please,” like dressing in all black.

6. That there is nothing more versatile than a white button down shirt. Buttoned up it says: “We’re just sweet guys”…

7. …and unbuttoned it says: “Come here girl, I’m going to rock your world.”

C’mon, AJ’s face is totally saying that.

8. All white clothing should be reserved for after Memorial Day photo shoots.

Look how summery they look!

9. There is no such thing as too much beige.

10. Break up all the matching clothing by coordinating with a sports-theme (or Olympic).

11. Also, taking style tips from a movie is totally cool.

I mean, who doesn’t love Grease?

12. If you don’t have any clothes on, coordinate with an accessory.

13. Puppies and sweaters work very well together.

Also puppies are the ultimate accessory, they go with everything.

14. When trying to achieve a “I’m in a murderous cult” look, wear oversized mock turtlenecks.

15. Sometimes you just have to not give a fuck about what you’re wearing.

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