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    Posted on Dec 10, 2017

    13 Things You'll Recognize If You've Ever Had A Hangover

    Nothing like waking up dying of thirst, but not being able to get out of bed.

    1. When you wake up and feel like maybe you’re fine, but realize 30 seconds later that you’re in the midst of a MAJOR hangover.


    2. When you've drunk so much that even your eyes are dehydrated, but you're in such a state that you don't even want to move to get up and get a glass of water.


    3. When you're lying there and trying to figure out what feels worse: your stomach, your head, your body...

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    4. When your mouth just tastes gross and you can't even identify the residual booze flavors you have in your mouth.

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    5. When you try to piece your night together, but it hurts to even think.


    6. When you lie there deliberating for what seems like hours over whether you have the strength to get up or not.

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    7. When you actually do get up and immediately realize you need to lie back down to stop the room from spinning.

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    8. When you finally get up to get some water, but realize no matter how much you drink it just isn't enough to quench your thirst.

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    9. When you drink some coffee to help make you feel better, but it does nothing but make your stomach feel like you drank battery acid.


    10. When you want to eat something, but you're scared to do so because you're unsure of how your body will react.


    11. When you think a little hair of the dog might make you feel better, but the thought of drinking some more makes you even more ill.


    12. When you realize that getting up was a mistake and you need to get back into bed ASAP.


    13. And finally, when you're lying there, waiting for sweet death to take you away, and you make this promise to yourself:


    But who are you kidding? You KNOW you'll be drinking again...and soon.

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