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    13 Things All Basics Got Right

    BRB, looking through Pinterest for a pumpkin spice cookie recipe I can bake.

    1. Uggs

    2. Using Valencia and X-Pro filters on Instagram.


    They really are the best ones. And, let's be honest, everyone looks a little better with a filter.

    3. Taking selfies from ridiculous angles.

    4. Coordinating outfits with your friends.

    5. Instagramming something they baked.

    6. Going to brunch.

    7. Burning fall-scented candles.

    8. Building bonfires with their friends.

    9. Taking mirror-selfies in dressing rooms.

    10. Taking photos at pumpkin patches.

    11. Loving Nicholas Sparks novels.

    12. Wearing leggings...with everything.

    13. Pumpkin spice everything.

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