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13 Things All Basics Got Right

BRB, looking through Pinterest for a pumpkin spice cookie recipe I can bake.

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1. Uggs

Sure they're ugly as hell, but on a cold day they'll keep your feet warm and, bonus, they're actually comfortable!

3. Taking selfies from ridiculous angles.

Sometimes if you want a good photo you've got to take it yourself. Who else but you knows your best angles?


4. Coordinating outfits with your friends.

Now I know which group not to stand behind — I don't need to accidentally photobomb your group selfie shot.

5. Instagramming something they baked.

You know how to win over friends? BAKE. There is almost nothing better than homemade cookies or pie.

6. Going to brunch.

First off it combines two great things: breakfast and drinking. Secondly, you don't have to get up early to do it.

7. Burning fall-scented candles.

Thank you, I hate coming over to your place and having to smell the scent of your cat and dirty laundry.

8. Building bonfires with their friends.

Have you been to New England in the fall? Yeah, you're going to need that bonfire if you want your friends to hang out outdoors with you.


9. Taking mirror-selfies in dressing rooms.

Why buy the outfit when you can just get a photo with it on? Save that $$$.

10. Taking photos at pumpkin patches.

Much like a dressing room mirror selfie, it involves all of the fun of getting the photo for your Facebook, with none of the effort of actually having to carve a pumpkin.

11. Loving Nicholas Sparks novels.

You know who's keeping bookstores open? Nicholas Sparks fans.

12. Wearing leggings...with everything.

Seriously though, leggings are comfortable as fuck (ELASTIC WAIST). I'd wear them year round too, if I could.

13. Pumpkin spice everything.

No joke, pumpkin spice is fucking delicious.

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