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    13 People Who Should Never Be Allowed Near Halloween Decorations


    1. The person who is hoping you have "spoopy" Halloween:

    2. The person who put up this ribbed for your pleasure jack-o'-lantern display:

    3. The person who threw (what appears to be) a giant used condom on a street lamp:

    4. The person who created this Franken-man holiday nightmare.

    5. This ghost's spell checker:

    6. This person, who phoned it in on the office decorations:

    7. This person, who really, really phoned it in:

    8. The plastic pink flamingos manufacturer who thought he could get away with rebranding them:

    9. This employee, who wanted to remind this deli's customers that death really is just around the corner:

    10. The person in charge of changing the bulbs in this display:

    11. The person who set up this jolly Halloween display:

    12. The person who setup this cat trap:

    13. The person who thought this was a funny idea: