12 Rolling Stone Covers That Immortalized 2004 In Pop Culture

Looking back at 10 years ago, to the people and events that mattered to us then.

1. Howard “Yeah!” Dean entered the new year as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

His media gaffe — known as the “Dean Scream” — at the Iowa caucus in late January derailed his presidential campaign.

2. “Shy girl” Beyoncé slowly began conquering the world. And also, somehow, people still liked Jay Leno.

3. President Bush declared war on gay marriage. While Andre 3000 declared war on WASP fashion.

4. After surviving Bennifer, Ben Affleck, apparently, joined a biker gang.

5. We found out about Quentin Tarantino’s obsession with Uma Thurman. SPOILER ALERT: It’s her feet.

6. Usher needed more hours in the day for all his groupies.

7. Eminem tried to make D12 a thing.

8. Lindsay Lohan and the secret Abu Ghraib files both made the annual “Hot Issue.” But which was hotter?!

9. Tom Cruise was searching for the perfect woman.

Oh, Tom, will you ever find true love?

10. Jon Stewart was America’s Sweetheart.

11. Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry couldn’t even muster a smize for his cover.

12. While Eminem showed Kerry how to really look bored on the cover of a magazine.

Also, people still bought DVDs!

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