12 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

    Mariah Carey back in the '90s kicks off this week’s #Throwback Thursday.

    1. Mariah Carey took us back to her Butterfly era with this shot from the album's liner notes.

    2. While Paul McCartney took us back to 2008, when he hung out with Rihanna at the Brit Awards.

    3. Barbra Streisand remembered her friend Donna Summer.

    4. Amy Schumer shared this super-cute photo of herself as a toddler.

    5. Katie Holmes looked oh-so-late-'90s in her denim overalls shorts.

    6. Iman once did a photo shoot looking like a fierce Morticia Addams in the mid-'90s.

    7. Rob Lowe, once again, reminded us that he has not aged since the early '80s.

    8. Meanwhile Jared Leto reminded us what he looks like without his long ombre hair.

    9. Elizabeth Berkley paid tribute to her iconic character Nomi Malone in Showgirls.

    10. Awesomeness: Soleil Moon Frye celebrated her 12th birthday with Johnny Depp.

    11. Gisele Bündchen shared this photo of herself and husband, Tom Brady, on their wedding day.

    12. And finally, Alyssa Milano bravely shared this ad -- that reminded all of us that she and Jason Bateman once hosted The Ice Capades with Mr. Belevdere.