• waterbuffalo

      That mentality is pretty self-centered. I guess it could be perceived as selfish to cancel plans at the last minute, but god forbid someone change their mind and want to relax by themselves. Who knows what happened between making the plans and cancelling? Maybe nothing happened, and they just want to chill out alone. It really isn’t the worst thing in the world. I mean, would you rather someone half-heartedly hang out with you knowing they’re kind of tired and not at their best, or would you want to reschedule for a time when they’re feeling more energetic and ready to party? Give and take. Sometimes it’s an issue of respecting boundaries someone’s choosing to set for themselves, in a “I know what’s best for me, so please respect that” sort of way. Sometimes, people are just feeling lazy. That’s not a crime, either. Someone’s choice to cancel plans isn’t always about you.

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