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What's Your All-Time Favorite Halloween Movie?

Take me on a trip to Halloweentown please.

There's really no better way to celebrate Halloween than to devour some candy and rewatch all of the GREAT Halloween movies.

The CW

Maybe you rewatch Hocus Pocus every year as a Halloween tradition.

Buena Vista Pictures

Perhaps you're a fan of sprinkling in a bit more holiday flair with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Touchstone Pictures

Do you watch Halloweentown to bring you back to the old Disney Channel days?


Or maybe you're a fan of the classic horror from the original Halloween.

Falcon International Pictures

It's truly one of the best times of the year. So tell us, what is your all-time favorite Halloween movie?


Write your favorite in the dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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